Based in Sweden, Jojo was in need of posters and various decorations for his home. That's where he came up with the idea of making a spinning picture. But what could he possibly use as a moving picture without it looking tacky and cheap? Trending on social media, a spinning raccoon with the tunes of Pedro, by Jaxomy, Agatino Romero and Raffaella Carrà.

Little did Jojo know that this idea would be the start of a new venture

"I was heavily influenced by Pedro and found it both funny and cool at the same time. The majority of my interior is black, grey and white, it keeps my mind clear. But at the time i came up with the idea i saw the potential to invite some vibrance and color in to my home. Some straight up pop-art. I could never have guessed that idea should be the start of my own business. In a modern world where a pale color palette holds us hostage, Pedro, breaks the mold-" - Johannes Jojo Delise


The first prototype was made out of scrap parts from an old lantern, in less than an hour, scrap-pedro was assembled and ready to go


From scrap parts to an engineered piece of art. Every part has been designed, tested and redesigned again and again. The finish, the motors, the code, the quality and longevity, the finished look and feel. Everything counts.


There might be 1 product with 2 sizes in 12 different colors adding up to 24 variations, but we promise you. This is only the beginning and the birth of new ideas.

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